Happy Easter! + Japanese Kokeshi Dolls!

chocolate easter kitkat kokeshi

With Easter just around the corner, we've released a new 12 pack of KitKat

... as well as the new flavour of easter-themed KitKat - Custard Pudding.

The 12 pack has 6 pieces of Custard Pudding, as well as 1 piece each of Matcha, Butter Cookie, Sake, Strawberry, Sakura Kinako, and Raspberry flavours.

Also! And this is news that we're super excited about!! We've recently added a new item to our store; Japanese Kokeshi Dolls!

These have been placed alongside our Anime and Manga Figures, and the category has been updated to "Figures and Kokeshi Dolls". Kokeshi are a very traditional, old style of Japanese art. They are wooden dolls, handmade, hand painted works of art. We are very passionate about these dolls, and we can't wait to bring some of them into your homes.

Happy Easter! We hope you all enjoy your yummy chocolates! (don't eat too much!!)



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