Happy Halloween 2017!

dagashi halloween kitkat

With Halloween just around the corner, we've created a 40 Piece Halloween Candy Gift Box with 40 delicious pieces of Japanese dagashi, candy, chocolate (including KitKat), cookies, and gummies; most of which are Halloween-themed. The candy comes wrapped up in a special Jack-O-Lantern gift box, with a plastic wrapping, and a Halloween-themed ribbon to top it off. It's the perfect gift this Halloween.

Here's a pic showing some of the bags we used to make this gift box:

You can buy this gift box for a limited time (until stock lasts) from our store via the following link, or type "Halloween" into our search box, or you can find it in the 'Snacks and Food' or 'New Items' sections.

40 Piece Halloween Candy Gift Box


Happy Halloween to all you S&A shoppers out there. We hope you have a spooky one. And we look forward to seeing you soon.



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