NEW Christmas Japanese KitKat Gift Box!

christmas kitkat

With Christmas juuuuust around the corner, we're excited to bring you our special 2017 Christmas KitKat Gift Box, full of 17 delicious pieces of Japanese Kit Kat.

UPDATE 27 November 2017: This gift box set has sold out so quickly, we've had to replace it with another box type + 1 more piece of KitKat. Check out the new one here or via the link below:

NEW ONE: (below)

(OLD ONE) (below)


We'll include 17 different flavours, including as many new and exciting ones as possible, just like we do with all of our other KitKat & Dagashi Gift Boxes

We will release many more Christmas-themed items in the coming weeks, so check back soon!

Merry Christmas to everyone. Have a great end to 2017


Sam & Aya

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