NEW Cookies and Cream + Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat

chocolate kitkat

We just got our hot little hands on the new KitKat flavours:

Both are white chocolate KitKat, and both are super delicious. The Cookies and Cream one does taste a LOT like cookies and cream ice cream, but the Strawberry Cheesecake tastes more like strawberry ice cream to us.

We've got 1 bag, 2 bag and 3 bag varieties available, as usual. Each bag has 13 pieces, and we might throw in some freebie pieces of the OTHER flavour, if you order just one of the flavours. In other words, if you order a couple of bags of Cookies and Cream, we'll give you a couple of free pieces of Strawberry Cheesecake just to try it. We're nice like that :D

Remember that we're currently running a sale on KitKat until June 10th, so get your discounts while you can!

Happy KitKating!

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