NEW! Sakura & Nihonshu (Cherry Blossom & Sake) KitKat

kitkat sake sakura

Hey there all you chocolate lovers~!

We're super excited to announce the discovery of a new flavour of Japanese KitKat - Sakura & Nihonshu.

In case you're not familiar with these words; sakura is Cherry Blossom, and Nihonshu is Japanese Sake (a type of alcohol). The flavour is a blend of both these flavours, together with white chocolate KitKat, similar to the original Sake flavour KitKat.

We haven't tried it yet ourselves, because it's very rare and expensive at the moment. But we are hoping to get a whole bunch more soon, and will do our best to ensure all of you who want to try it, have the chance to get your hands on some. We'll also buy an extra for box ourselves so we can indulge just a little... :D

Currently, we've only got 1 in stock.... *runs off to find more*

*Update: 16/05/17 - We got some more!! Lots and lots actually... time to try it!

Flavour: Oh, it's quite nice! White chocolate flavour is quite strong, along with a strong cherry flavour. Sakura and sake flavours took a while to reveal themselves, but they are there. It's sweet, but not sickly sweet like some of the other flavours. Yum! I'll save the rest for later :D

Happy shopping!


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