New Sakura Season Items


Sakura season is well underway, here in Tokyo, and we are celebrating with the addition of some new Sakura-themed items!

Our favourite one is the Sakura Latte, KitKat & Marshmallow Set!

sakura latte marshmallows kitkat kinako sajapansales

Looks super pretty & yummy right? We love it. And we think they all go together so well! Imagine sipping a Sakura Latte with a Sakura marshmallow on top, and a Sakura & Kinako KitKat on the side. Super delicious!

You can also buy all of these items individually if you like - just search our store for 'Sakura' to find them all.

We also found another style of Sakura Miso Bowl in the Gold flower variety.

sakura miso bowl daiso sajapansales

This one has been added to our collection, along with the original Pink flower variety Sakura Miso Bowl

These can be used to drink Miso soup or perhaps green tea. Or anything really. A small rice bowl perhaps? Or a bowl for kids. They're quite tough, so they should withstand a beating from a little one.

That's all for now! We're off to enjoy Hanami, sitting under the beautiful trees sipping hot tea.

Happy Sakura Season!


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