Sakura Season is here! (Sakura latte & tea)

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We're so happy to announce the return of our Sakura-themed items with winter well under-way and Sakura season just around the corner!

One of our favourite and most popular items has made a return to our shelves; Sakura Latte

This is a delicious powdered milk tea drink with Sakura flavouring. Each pack is enough to make 13 cups!

We've also been able to find some more Lipton Sakura Tea

This one can be enjoyed with or without milk. It has a fairly mild flavour, but it is very refreshing. We recommend trying it iced!

We've got lots more Sakura items in our store, so just do a search on the homepage for 'Sakura' and you'll find them all.

Happy Hanami 2018 ! <3



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