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Valentines Day in Japan is a little different from how it is in many other countries. In western countries, the BOYS give gifts to the GIRLS on Valentines Day (whereas in Japan it's the other way around!). There's another day in Japan that matches the western idea of Valentines Day, and that is White Day, which is one month after Valentines Day on March 14th. Interesting huh?!

Now let's talk gift ideas!

One of our all-time favourite gifts for Valentines or White Day is a Sakura Gift Box KitKat (and/or Candy) Set! This year, we have three different sizes - 21 piece KitKat, 30 piece KitKat and 35 piece Sweets. All of them are chock full of Japanese flavours, and are the perfect gift for that special someone.

sajapansales japanese sakura box kitkat set

Another great idea for Valentines Day is a Japanese Kokeshi Doll! Nothing says "I know you, and I love you" like that perfect Kokeshi Doll for reflects your loved one's inner beauty. They're all unique, have their own distinctive personalities, and are among the most precious, handmade items around.

Here's a few of our favourites:

sajapansales kokeshi dolls japanese woodensajapansales kokeshi dolls japanese woodensajapansales kokeshi dolls japanese wooden

We've got so many more adorable and lovely items available in our store, with many more to come. Please enjoy browsing our catalogue!

Happy Valentines Day 2019


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