Member Discount Classes

Our brand new Member Discount Classes provide the first real benefits to S&A members who have made at least one purchase in our store. These discounts are unlimited and apply to all items store-wide.

The below table outlines the details of each class, including the following:

    • Class Number (1-6) and Name
    • Required Spend: The total lifetime spend required to achieve each Class
    • Discount: The percentage discount applied to every order placed whilst logged in to your account.

      Note: discounted prices only display on the product page and checkout pages; they will not display on the homepage or collection pages (this means that you'll have to view the item or add the item to your shopping cart to see the discounted price).

Also note that the Member Class discounts cannot be used alongside any other store discount (such as special promotional discount codes). Member Class discounts will be disabled whilst store discounts are in effect. 


Class 1: S&A Merchant Class

Required Spend: $1-100

Discount: 1%


Class 2: S&A Artisan Class

Required Spend: $100-249

Discount: 2%


Class 3: S&A Samurai Class

Required Spend: $250-499

Discount: 3%


Class 4: S&A Daimyo Class

Required Spend: $500-999

Discount: 4%


Class 5: S&A Shogun Class

Required Spend: $1,000-1,999

Discount: 5%


Class 6: S&A Emperor Class

Required Spend: $2,000

Discount: 10%