Terms & Conditions


We promise that all customer information, including financial, personal, and identifying information will be treated with care to protect the privacy and security of all customers. The aforementioned information will NEVER be shared with a third party, nor will it be sold, traded or otherwise mishandled in any way for any reason. 

However, we are not responsible for the security of Shopify servers, on which your data will be kept. We are also not responsible for the security of Google servers, on which some of your data (name & address) may be kept for order tracking purposes. Any breaches in the security of aforementioned servers will be the sole responsibility of the owners of those servers, and not the responsibility of the owners of this website (www.sajapansales.com)



Paypal and Stripe are accepted methods of payment. We will be adding more in the future.

If you have other payment requirements, please advise us and we will try to accommodate those.



Shipping will be made within 2 working days of payment receipt and processing. We will try to get the item to you as quickly and safely as possible. Package will be a padded reasonably to ensure the item is safe. See 'Rights & Responsibilities' below for further information about shipping.

Shipping costs will be provided at checkout.

Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of the items. Purchasing multiple items will combine the weight of all items in your shopping cart and will provide a total cost for all items. Please contact us for any orders over 5kg in weight, as additional costs or arrangements may be necessary.

Tracking: Airmail and SAL are not tracked shipping methods by default. Add tracking to your order for an additional $5.00. Please select a tracked shipping method.

SAL Tracking is unavailable in the following countries:
Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Taiwan

Please select a shipping method other than SAL if you want tracking in any of these countries.

Brazil, Russia, Asia, and Nth / Sth America (Not USA) require $5.00 additional shipping costs to include tracking on all orders. This is to avoid problems with unreliable shipping.



Non-Food items: If the item is damaged upon arrival, please contact us with photographs. We will coordinate with you to arrange the return of the item and either a full refund (excluding shipping costs) OR replacement of the item.


Food items: Not liking the taste of the item is not a valid reason to return it. We will only accept return of food/drink items if the item was unreasonably damaged/opened during transit, or if it has somehow spoiled/expired.


Chocolates: Melted chocolate is not a fair reason to return an item. Please keep in mind that chocolates may melt during transit, because, whilst it may not be summer in your country, it may be summer here in Japan.


Rights & Responsibilities

We (the owners of www.sajapansales.com) reserve the right to cancel or amend any order at any time for any reason. Possible reasons include (but are not limited to) the unavailability of items ordered, the destination of the shipping address, and demands made by the customer. We reserve the right to ban any customer from the store for any reason without exception, explanation or notification.

We are responsible for ensuring the correct items are shipped to you in the condition stated in the item description/details (if any), as well as wrapping/packaging the items reasonably well for shipping. Shipping will occur within 2 working days of receiving payment for each order, and will provide full compensation (including shipping costs) for items not received by the buyer within the estimated shipping time specified in the selected shipping method. Please note that we reserve the right to extend the estimated shipping time at any time (without notice) due to reasons including but not limited to; time of year, and shipping address location.

Please note that "2 working days" does not include Sundays or public holidays (although we do often work on those days too, and will often ship orders). We also reserve the right to delay shipping for any reason, including (but not limited to) problems with stock, problems with or questions about the shipping or billing address, and inappropriately applied discounts.