Dagashi Variety Box Set - 11 Piece WEIRD Japanese Dagashi Various sajapansales

Dagashi Variety Box Set - 11 Piece WEIRD Japanese Dagashi

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11 Piece WEIRD Japanese Dagashi Box - Fun Strange Flavors


A weird and wonderful box set, containing 11 pieces of Japanese dagashi - not for the faint hearted! Only fish, wasabi, vinegar lovers need apply!

Tip: The word 'Dagashi' comes from the words 'Da' (meaning 'unimportant or futile') and 'Kashi' (meaning 'snack food'). Dagashi are very popular snacks for kids and adults in Japan.

This box set contains 1 piece/packet of the following items:

  1. Dried scallop
  2. Ume (japanese plum) flavored seaweed (very sour!)
  3. Fizzy Awadama bubble gum (orange + lemon = coke/cola)
  4. Japanese soy sauce beef jerky
  5. Dried squid noodles
  6. Dried fish sticks
  7. Ume boshi (preserved plum) chewing candy
  8. Wasabi flavored dried fish (sour)
  9. Mochi (sticky rice) - sweet type with roasted soy bean 
  10. Pickled radish (sakura daikon)
  11. Dried fish (vinegar flavor)

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