Dagashi Variety Box Set - 20 Pieces SAVOURY Dagashi - Japanese Snacks Chips Rice Crackers Various sajapansales

Dagashi Variety Box Set - 20 Pieces SAVOURY Dagashi - Japanese Snacks Chips Rice Crackers

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20 Piece SAVOURY DAGASHI Box Set - Japanese Savory Snacks Chips Rice Crackers


This box set contains 20 pieces of various Japanese dagashi snacks - but ONLY the savoury kind; no sweet ones at all.

Tip: The word 'Dagashi' comes from the words 'Da' (meaning 'unimportant or futile') and 'Kashi' (meaning 'snack food'). Dagashi are very popular snacks for kids and adults in Japan.

*note: all items contained in this box are savoury, which means they are not sweet. All are snacks, such as chips, rice crackers, corn puffs etc.


This pack contains the following items: (see last pic for numbers)

1. kyabetsu taro ... corn puff snack
2. baby star ramen .... deep fried ramen snack
3. kataage potato .... crispy ( hard ) potato chips
4. happy turn ... rice cracker
5. karamucho .. very spicy ( hot chili ) flavor chips
6. poteko ... potato snack
7. morokoshiwataro .. corn puff snack corn soup flavor
8. stick potato ... potato chips
9. sapporo potato ... bbq flavor potato snack
10. new mochitaro .. deep fried rice cracker
11. big katsu .... deep fried pork flavor snack
12.-15. umaibo x 4 various flavor
16. karubi taro .. korean bbq flavor snack (2 pieces)
17. kabayakisan taro .. unagi (eel) flavour snack
18. wasabinori taro .. wasabi & seaweed flavor snack (2 pieces)

It is possible that some of these items will be missing, so we will replace them with similar items. Also, the packaging may be different from the packaging shown in the picture, but this is simply due to regular packaging updates/changes by the manufacturer.


Note: all items are BRAND NEW and will have expiry dates of at least 2-3 months from purchase date. Also note that expiry date on all items is YEAR / MM / DD


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