Kokeshi - 29cm Japanese Tanuki Ornament Unknown sajapansales

Kokeshi - 29cm Japanese Tanuki Ornament

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29cm Japanese Tanuki Ornament


Size: approx. 29cm (height)
Weight: approx 3kg
Material: Ceramic/Clay

A beautiful handmade Tanuki ornament weighing in at 3kg and standing 29cm tall.

This is an old item with a decent amount of wear, but we think it adds a lot of character. This big guy has seen things... he's experienced the harshness of life; living among real Japanese Racoon Dogs (tanuki), and other wild creatures of Japan, surviving the sweltering heat of summer, and the bitter cold of Japanese winter. He pities all those shiny new Tanuki ornaments with their glistening paintwork and unscathed bodies. They are young, naive. They've been sheltered from reality in their short lives, and they know not of the real struggles that await them.

hehehe.. :D

*see pics for measurements & condition

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