Dagashi Variety Box Set - 40 Pieces - Japanese snacks (savory and sweet) Various sajapansales

Dagashi Variety Box Set - 40 Pieces - Japanese snacks (savory and sweet)

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40 Piece Dagashi Variety Box Set



This box set contains 40 pieces of various Japanese dagashi snacks, both sweet and savoury.

Tip: The word 'Dagashi' comes from the words 'Da' (meaning 'unimportant or futile') and 'Kashi' (meaning 'snack food'). Dagashi are very popular snacks for kids and adults in Japan.


This item contains the following products: 

  1. umaibo cream puff chocolate flavor 
  2. cabbage taro corn snack japanese sauce flavor 
  3. morokoshi wataro corn snack 
  4. ramen baba ramen snack
  5. mochi taro x 2 deep fried rice cracker 
  6. umaibo natto, sticky beans flavor supposed to b sticky! 

7-8. umaibo x2 flavors of corn soup, salad , tonkatsu sauce or some other flavor 

  1. colorful chocolates
  2. big katsu 
  3. umaibo candy
  4. pachi pachi panick! popping candy coca cola flavor + some soda n lemon candies
  5. fu bo taro brown sugar coated ... light snack
  6. kinako bo soft candy coated by soy bean powder 
  7. black thunder chocolate
  8. kabayakisan taro unagi flavor snack 
  9. wasabi seaweed wasabi flavor
  10. umaibo chocolate coated 
  11. dora choco pancake chocolate cream in 
  12. lemon soda gummy
  13. mashuro pudding flavor marshmallow
  14. choco taro chocolate flavor marshmallow
  15. sweet potato yokan very sweet n a bit hard jelly
  16. haichu apple strawberry orange grapefuit etc... two of them!
  17. cubylop x 2 random flavor 
  18. pockemon n super mario gum 
  19. cup jelly
  20. pineapple candies (or other flavour)
  21. ramune orange strawberry etc, one of them
  22. gum - various flavors
  23. sweet potato kitkat (or other flavour - not regular flavour though)
  24. gudetama custard apple candy (or another type of candy)
  25. pancake kitkat (or other flavour- not regular flavour though)
  26. matcha oreo bar



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