Polystyrene Soft Glider World War 2 Planes - Styrofoam Airplane n/a sajapansales
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Polystyrene Soft Glider World War 2 Planes - Styrofoam Airplane

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8 x Japanese Polystyrene Planes - World War 2 Plane - Styrofoam Party Toys Japan


This item contains the 8 pictured planes, which includes Japanese, American, German and British WWII planes. All instructions and packaging is written in Japanese.


Refer to the 2nd photo in our listing for a numbered list of the planes, which corresponds to the list below:
  1. Focke Wulf FW170 (German)
  2. Curtiss P40k Warhawk (American)
  3. Nakajima ki84 (Japanese)
  4. Zero (Japanese)
  5. Messerschmitt M 109 (German) 
  6. Supermarine Spitfire (British) 
  7. F6F Hellcat (American)
  8. North American P-51 Mustang (American)

There are 6 pieces contained in each pack, including the following: 
Plane Body, Wings, Back Wings (all polystyrene), and 3 plastic items that make up the propeller. 
EASY- Takes about 2-3 minutes first time. 
Body & Wings (3 pieces):
The body and wings are easy to fit together. Just fit the wings so that the small notch (indentation) is facing backwards. 
Propeller (3 pieces):  
Put the little pin through the propeller, and put it into the hole in the plastic housing. This takes quite a bit of force to get on properly. We recommend holding the plastic housing between your index and middle finger (like you're holding a cigarette), and pushing hard on the pin/propeller with your thumb to force it into the housing.Then place the housing on the nose of the plane and jiggle it back and forth (up and down) to get it all the way on. 

 *note: This is a new item, and we're not sure how many of these we can get. If you are interested in this item, please watch it (and send us a message if possible) so that we know people are interested and can start searching for more.


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