KitKat Variety Box Set - 21pc Sakura Gift Box Japanese Kit Kat - Japan Valentines Gift Nestle sajapansales

KitKat Variety Box Set - 21pc Sakura Gift Box Japanese Kit Kat - Japan Valentines Gift

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1 x NEW 21 Piece Japanese Kitkat Variety Set - Sakura / Cherry Blossom Gift Box


Item includes 1 box with Sakura / Cherry Blossom design, containing 21pieces (and 21 flavours) of Japanese KitKat (mini kitkats)

*Pictures include an EXAMPLE of the types of flavours you can expect in your box. Flavours will change depending on availability. See list below.

Flavours include a selection of the following Japanese KitKat:

1    Regular
2    Dark
3    Matcha
4    Rich Matcha
5    Raspberry
6    Custard Pudding
7    Caramel Pudding
8    Sake
9    Mint
10    Strawberry Cheese Cake
11    Cookie & Cream
12    Sakura Kinako
13    Fruit & Nuts
14    Sakura Nihonshu
15    Sakura Matcha
16    Uji Matcha
17    Melon & Cheese
18    Wa Ichigo
19    Cough Drop
20    Citrus
21    Wasabi
22    Red Beans
23    Strawberry Cheesecake
24    Apple
25    Pistachio & Grapefruit
26    Strawberry Maple
27    Butter
28    Green tea & Kinako
29    Icecream
30    Banana
31    Iyokan orange
32    Amazake - Sweet Sake
33    Chestnut
34    Ikinari Dango
35    Plum Wine (umeshu)
36    Shingen Mochi
37    Soy Sauce
38    Miso
+ Any other flavours we can get

*Let us know if you DONT WANT any particular flavours, and we'll make sure not to include those. *Changes may incur additional charges. Contact before purchase to confirm if required.


PLEASE NOTE: It is summer in Japan between July - September (inclusive), so please do not be surprised if your chocolate is a little melted upon arrival, especially if you select the slowest shipping method. We highly recommend Standard/Airmail or Express/EMS during these months, or during any months if you wish to help eliminate the risk of melting.

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