Kokeshi - 8 x 4cm Japanese doll (2 sets of 4) Unknown sajapansales

Kokeshi - 8 x 4cm Japanese doll (2 sets of 4)

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8 x 4cm Japanese Kokeshi dolls


Artist: Unknown
Size: 4cm (approx. height)
This is actually 2 sets of 4 kokeshi dolls. If you'd like to buy just a single set of 4 (all 4 shapes), please let us know!

They are absolutely adorable and can be put in lots of positions, as you can see in our pictures. We had so much fun placing them around in various scenarios.

The first pic is the group posing for a photo. The second pic is watching a concert (the little guys at the back are standing on the heads of the cylinder ones to get a better view). And the third pic is pyramid guy giving a speech to the group. So fun :)

*see pics for condition

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