Kokeshi - 2 x 21/27cm RARE Japanese dolls by Shido Shozan Shozan sajapansales

Kokeshi - 2 x 21/27cm RARE Japanese dolls by Shido Shozan

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2 x RARE Japanese Kokeshi Dolls by Shozan Shido

Artist: Shozan Shido

Size: See pics

These very unusual and slender dolls made of various types of wood. The textural quality of each gives further definition to the different parts of the kokeshi. The doll is wearing a headpiece called a ‘Tsunokakushi’, which is a wide headdress or hood, which covers her elaborate hairstyle. 
Shozan Shido-san, (1932-1995), is considered by Kokeshi collectors and critics alike to be one of the most influential artists in the world of Sosaku Kokeshi doll making. Shido-san’s main focus was depicting unadorned Northern girls in the traditional “Mino”, or Snow Coat, but he also produced tall, thin dolls, which were sparsely decorated. His keen sense of design, minimal use of color, and simple elegant shapes set him apart from his peers, making him one of the most collectible artists emerging from the creative period of the ‘60s. He is a winner of the Prime Minister’s Award.


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